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Saikyo Shiromiso 500g

  Saikyo Shiromiso (white miso) has the sweetness of quality rice malt and a beautiful pale yellow color. Kyozoni, a form of ozoni (rice cakes cooked with vegetables) made from Saikyo Shiromiso, are full of flavor—you can't celebrate the Kyoto New Year without them!
  Saikyo Shiromiso can be used in a variety of dishes, such as sumisoae (vinegared miso sauce), dengaku ryori (skewered tofu, eggplant, and dasheen basted with miso) and furofuki daikon (boiled radish with miso sauce). We also recommend preparing combining different kinds of miso according to the season and the ingredients, using a lot of Saikyo Shiromiso during the cold seasons and using a little bit less during the warm seasons.

Flavor Level Mild
Type Strained miso
Shelf Life 6 months
Storage To preserve quality, storage in a refrigerator after purchase is recommended.