The Boundless Power of Miso

Superior raw material processing efficiency.

-Superior yield.
The finished product (miso) is almost completely constituted by the raw material it is made with it. Even other soybean products, such as soy sauce and tofu, generate strained lees, just as wine and Japanese sake do.

Rich in pure plant protein.

-An easy-to-ingest, superior health food.
When processing miso, enzymes break it down and cause a leavening action that improves the rate of absorption into the body.

Flavorful, with preservative qualities.

-Bountiful flavors and aromas bring out the delectability of food—a flavor enhancer.
There is a variety to choose from, and it need only be dissolved in water to enjoy. It even has a shelf life of around 6 months!.

Environmentally friendly.

-Great energy efficiency (anaerobic fermentation).
When the raw material is processed and prepared, helpful microbes act to ferment and decompose the material, so not very much energy is used. Additionally, the fermentation does not require a large amount of enzymes.

*As we face a potential food crisis, this flavor enhancer, which is popular throughout the world, could be a viable alternative.