History of Honda Miso Honten


Honda Miso was founded about 190 years ago in the Tempo era of the Edo period. It all began when Tanbaya, our first-generation master brewer, was recognized for his expert skill in rice malt-making and presented his miso to the Imperial Palace to use in their dishes. Since then, we have supplied our miso to the Imperial Palace, but our products became available to the general public with the start of the Meiji Restoration. During that time, Edo became known as "Tokyo" (Eastern Capital), and Kyoto was called "Saikyo" (Western Capital).

As a result, our miso became known as “Saikyo Miso” and is now adored by many.


Saikyo Miso at Our Famous Brewery.

It has been our mission to provide delicious and irresistible miso based on an age-old rule: “The products make the miso shop.” We always work hard to develop new products to suit the times.

In August 1996, we established our new plant, the “Tanba Workshop,” in Ayabe City, Kyoto Prefecture, and outfitted it with the latest equipment. An automated program handles the rice-malting process, which is crucial for miso production, and manages the temperature needed for the fermentation process.

However, this does not mean that our miso production no longer needs the judgment and need the good judgment and skills of employees. The brewing program, which changes slightly according to the season, is the product of Honda Miso’s extensive expertise. Our trained employees inspect the finished products carefully and we never compromise on quality.