Miso Recipe

Dashi (Japanese soup stock) Recipe

  • -1.8 L water
  • -30g kelp
  • -35g flaked bonito
  • -1. Put kelp in a pot, and boil at around 70°C for 10 -15 min.
  • -2. Turn off the heat. Remove kelp, and put flaked bonito in all at once.
  • -3. Let stand for a while. Strain before bonito has completely submerged.

Omisoshiru (Miso soup)

  • -80g snap peas
  • -40g corned beef
  • -90g Saikyo Shiromiso (white miso)
  • -600ml dashi (Japanese soup stock)
  • -dash of black pepper
  • -1. Remove strings from snap peas, and cut in thirds.
  • -2. Put corn beef and snap peas in a pot and sauté. Add dashi and boil until snap peas become soft.
  • -3. Stir Saikyo Shiromiso in with corned beef and snap peas, and boil.
  • -4. Serve in a soup bowl and season with course black pepper.